The Month of September: Sweet Potatoes

Visitors to this site can download and distribute the following newsletters, recipes, bookmarks, and other materials related to sweet potatoes. Click on the image to download the pdf.

Sweet Potato Newsletter

Features the following articles: What's So Great about Sweet Potatoes?; Selecting and Storing Sweet Potatoes; Varieties of Sweet Potatoes; Preparation Tips; Fitting Sweet Potatoes into MyPyramid; Recipe Collection; How to Grow Sweet Potatoes; and Activity Alley.

Spanish Newsletter available here

Black & White Newsletter is available here  
Large Type Newsletter available here  
Sweet Potato Activity Alley

Highlights educational activities around sweet potatoes. There's something available for all ages!

Sweet Potato Flyer

Outlines nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes, and provides information on selecting sweet potatoes at the market.

Sweet Potato Bookmarks

Fun facts and informtion about sweet potatoes.


Sweet Potato Table Tent

Provides information on selection and storage.

Sweet Potato Brochure

An excellent introduction to selecting and using sweet potatoes.


Sweet Potato Bulletin Board

Ready-to-use bulletin board providing information on the health benefits and facts about sweet potatoes.


Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe Card

Easy take-away sheet that includes recipe, nutrient analysis, and shopping list

Large type Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe available here