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The following links are nutrition and health related website resources that may be helpful
to you. They are in order by National, Pennsylvania and then by Penn State University


National Resources:

SNAP-Ed Connection logo

USDA's SNAP-Ed Connection is a
dynamic online resource center for
State and local SNAP-Ed providers.


Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC)
Resource Lists provide resources in a variety
of formats including articles, pamphlets,
books, audio-visuals and website links.


Center for Disease Control logo                   

Division of Nutrition, Physical
Activity and Obesity (DNPAO)

CDC's Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity,
and Obesity
(DNPAO) utilizes a public health
approach to address the role of nutrition and
physical activity in improving the public's
health and preventing and controlling chronic


Center for Disease Control logo                 

Community Health Online
Resource Center (CHORC)

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention started
the Community Health Online Resource Center (CHORC). Database resources are available about disease prevention and healthy living. Find webinars, model policies, toolkits, guides and fact sheets.

 My Plate logo                                

USDA's Choose MyPlate Food Guidance System 
can help you choose the foods and activity level
in amounts that are right for you. Educational
materials are available for consumers
(preschoolers, kids, pregnant and breastfeeding
women, etc.) and educators (teachers, health
care workers, partners, etc.). NEW to the site
is a dedicated page for college students!

WIC Logo                   

The National WIC site answers all
your questions about the WIC program
including contact information. The
Pennsylvania WIC site informs you
about resources, programs and services
right in your Pennsylvania neighborhood.  



Dietary Guidelines for Americans logo featuring images of the five food groups and of community excercise

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
is published by the Department of Health
and Human Services (HHS) and the
Department of Agriculture (USDA). It
provides advice on good dietary habits
that can promote health and reduce risk
for major chronic diseases.
Team Nutrition Logo    

Team Nutrition Healthy Meals Resource
System Education and Training Materials
Database is a compilation of educational
materials developed by universities,
private industry, and local, State and
Federal government agencies for school
personnel and others working in Child 
Nutrition Programs.



The International Food Information 
Council Foundation
provides food safety, 
nutrition and healthful eating information
to help you make good and safe food

FNS logo

Maximizing the Message provides you with
16 audience-tested nutrition messages that
address important dietary behaviors influencing
the health of low-income mothers and children.
 FRAC - Food Research and Action Center   The Food Research and Action Center 
(FRAC) is the leading national nonprofit
organization working to improve public 
policies and public-private partnerships 
to eradicate hunger and under nutrition
in the United States.
Department of Agriculture Logo    Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food is 
a USDA-wide effort to create new economic
opportunities by better connecting consumers
with local producers. It is also the start of a
national conversation about the importance
of understanding where your food comes from
and how it gets to your plate.



Let's Move! is Michelle Obama's initiative
to solve the obesity epidemic within a
generation. The web site has great resources
including how you can get involved and
information on access to healthy,affordable

                           Food and Health Communications 
offers a wide array of nutrition education
materials available for free or to purchase
including handouts, Power Point, games,
posters and newsletters. 


            Action for Healthy Kids is a public-private
partnership of more than 50 national
organizations and government agencies
representing education, health, fitness and
nutrition. They address the epidemic of
overweight, sedentary and undernourished
youth by focusing on changes in schools to
improve nutrition and increase physical activity.
Includes an excellent compilation of resources.


American Dietetic Association Logo The American Dietetic Association is 
the world's largest organization of food
and nutrition professionals. ADA is
committed to improving the nation's
health and advancing the profession of
dietetics through research, education 
and advocacy.




Pennsylvania State Links:


Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare PA Department of Public Welfare 
provides information about services 
for Pennsylvanians. Use this link to 
get information on how to apply for 
the Food Stamp Program.


PA Department of Health

The Pennsylvania Department of
promotes the health and
well being of Pennsylvanians. They
offer wide range of health and
promotional programs.

PA Department of Education Logo  The Pennsylvania Department of 
 maintains the majority 
of the Federal Food and Nutrition 
Programs and Services for the 
Commonwealth. Learn more about 
their school wellness activities, 
food guidelines and more to help 
PA's children stay healthy.


                 The Pennsylvania Dietetic Association, a
chapter of the American Dietetic Association,
is the advocate of the dietetics profession
serving the public through the promotion of
optimal nutrition, health and well being.

Penn State Hershey PRO Wellness Center Logo 

The Penn State Hershey PRO Wellness
is committed to educating and
inspiring youth and their families to eat
well, engage in regular physical activity,
and become champions for bringing healthy
choices to life. 

The Food Trust Logo                Founded in 1992, The Food Trust 
works to improve the health of children 
and adults, promote good nutrition, 
increase access to nutritious foods, 
and advocate for better public policy. 
 10,000 Tables Pledge Logo                                               Let's Move Pittsburgh is currently holding
a 10,000 tables campaign enticing families
to pledge that they will have at least one
weekly, screen-time free, family meal together.
Website includes resources and tips on nutritious 
family meals. You can sign up for their Let's Move
Pittsburgh monthly e-newsletter on this site as well.




Penn State University Links:



Pennsylvania Nutrition Education TRACKS
is the statewide program that provides
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Education (SNAP-Ed) to low-income individuals
and families who are eligible to receive SNAP
benefits. They aim to foster positive behavioral
changes related to nutrition and physical activity.
PA NEN works closely with PA Nutrition Education


Penn State Nutrition Links Logo      PSU Nutrition Links is part of the Cooperative 
Extension providing educational
programs to the community.
Penn State Extension logo  Penn State Extension is a part of
the College of Agricultural Sciences.
Learn more about the wide variety
of Extension programs.


Please Note: Some materials, listed on the sites above, are not currently approved for TRACKS use. TRACKS partners can consult the approved education materials lists posted on the TRACKS Partner Website for more information.