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Veggie Pita Pizza Pocket

Make lunch a party with a whole wheat pita, sprinkled with cheese and fresh vegetables! 

Turtle Apple

You're not comparing apples to oranges!  You're eating them!

Tuna Veggie Antipasto

The contrasting flavors and textures - the crunch of the celery, the tang from the dill, and earthy parmesan - makes an easy salad that can be made

Tortilla Pizzas

Hungry now? Who wants pizza?

Taco Soup

Satisfy your cravings with the savory beef and spice from the chili powder! Does this soup say, "Dinner!" to you? 

Strawberry S'Mores

Kids will be begging for s'more of these sweet strawberry treats! 

Sensational Six-Layer Dinner

It's name does not lie! Be the star of the party with this rockstar recipe! 

Roasted Root Vegetables

Create an enticing flavor by roasting your vegetables for this classic side dish.

Refried Beans

You'll love the ease of this 5-ingredient side dish! Versatile and delcious! 

Pumpkin and Bean Soup

The hearty beans add texture and bite to the smooth creaminess of this soup.