Eat Dinner Together

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Family sitting at dinner table

You Can Do It

You can eat dinner together! Try fitting it in when everyone comes home from sports practice, work or evening errands.  Simple tips, like cooking food ahead to freeze for later or learning quick recipes, can make family meals easy and fun. Check out the rest of this site for meal planning ideas!

Remember, dinner doesn't have to be fancy. It's sitting down and eating together that counts!


How to Start

  • Ease into it: Try setting a goal of eating together once or twice a week.

  • Start simple: Prepare a meal ahead of time. Just store it in the fridge until it’s time to reheat and eat it!

  • Create calm: Phones, TV, computer, video games and even the radio can interrupt your meal. Turning them
    all off will help everyone relax.

  • Get everyone involved: Let your family help you shop, choose their favorite dinner, set the table and
    make the meal.

  • Relax and connect: Make dinner time conversation fun and positive. Share the good and happy events of the day.


Dinner Matters 

Eating together really pays off. Make it happen by choosing your own strategies from these links.