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Social Marketing Committee


This committee: 

  •  identifies novel nutrition initiatives
  • creates evidence-based nutrition resources
  • grows PA NEN's "Eat.Together.PA" Social Marketing Campaign encouraging affordable family meals for all Pennsylvanians.

Learn more about the history of this committee here.


  • Guide the development and implementation of the social marketing campaign.
  • Drive expansion of PA NEN's social marketing and indirect nutrition education activities.
  • Utilizing the broad scope of the committee, they evaluate the appropriateness of PA NEN's nutrition education materials for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Porgram (SNAP), food bank and food pantry participants. 120,000+ pieces of these materials are distributed annually.

Future Vison:

The committee will maximize the impact of social marketing and other nutrition education interventions for the SNAP-eligible population.

The social marketing campaign, Eat.Together.PA, will reach targeted populations (in Lancaster, Tioga, Allegheny, Philadelphia, Crawford, Dauphin, and Somerset counties) throughout 2016-2017. Expansion will continue in future years.


Conference calls will occur on the fourth Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM.

Join Us:

Are you interested in joining this committee? If so, please contact Amanda or complete our "Committee Interest" webform.

Social Marketing Committee Members for 2016

Pat Druhan, Chair, CADCOM
Amy Deahl-Greenlaw, Registered Dietitian
Muffin Friedman, Philadelphia School District
Carolyn Gilles, Penn State Extension (retired)
Christine Mullin, PA NEN Executive Director
Cheryl Beling, Registered Dietitian
Jorja Barton, Central PA Food Bank
Susan Cubbage, Fulton County Food Basket
Miguel Ramirez, PA NEN Board Member
Christine Brennan, PA Nutrition Education Tracks
Devon Sunberg, Philadelphia School Food Service
Laura Sahd, Food Bank of Delaware
Rebecca Gorton, PA NEN Staff
Amanda Frankeny, PA NEN Staff Liason