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2017 Vendors & Sponsors

PA NEN  would like to thank this year's sponsors and Vendors. 

             PA NEN's Premier Grocery Sponsor  



Poster Presentations:

Debra Griffie, Ed, CHES, Program Coordinator, PSU Extension - Dining with Diabetes in Pennsylvania

Recipients of The Young Professional Scholarships:

Lindsey Flanagan, MPH, Student, Arcadia University - Assessing the Impact of the Built Environment on Children's Physical Activity: A Parental Perspective

Hannah Nelson, Nutrition Educator, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank - Evaluation of the Quality and Effectiveness of Nutritional Information and Content of Food Bank Publications

Kara Shifler, RD, LDN, Research Coordinator, Penn State PRO WELLNESS - From Slushies to Smoothies: Transforming Local Boy Scout Camps Toward Healthier Initiatives

Tina Sqibb, Smarter Lunchroom Assistant, University of Maryland Extension - Smarter Lunch Rooms in Maryland: An Individual Approach to Empowering Cafeteria Staff as Health Leaders